About us

Sistir was founded by me, Georgie, and my sister in 2014 over a casual chit chat about coffee. We came up with the idea of a '3am Blend' for new parents and that was the little spark from which our current tea and coffee range grew!

In 2014, we called our brand Novello - named after the road my sister lived on at the time and also because we loved the sound of the name (which we still do btw). But in 2022, we changed our name to Sistir. Why, you may ask? Well, since then we have evolved. I decided that in order to take the brand to the next level, I wanted something really relevant, a name that we could trademark in the UK and further afield (more on that to come) and a word that really represented our journey to date and beyond. I am delighted with our new name, Sistir, because of its relevance to our brand in every way. My sister is represented in the 'sis' part of the name as well as the fact that 'Sistir' is pronounced 'sister'. Then having 'stir' within it is a cheeky nod to the fact that we are a coffee and tea brand. Those two things combined result in a little word play and a touch of fun - exactly what we are all about!

We’re certainly no ordinary coffee and tea brand, here at Sistir HQ we offer something different; fa-brew-lously designed, tea-rrifically fun products which always cause a stir. Many of our products offer the option to add a personalised message for that extra special touch and whether you’re buying for a tea connoisseur or a coffee novice, our products are guaranteed to add a dash of humour and a spoonful of playfulness to their day.

As well as individual orders and gift ranges, we also offer several corporate options. From bespoke label design to selecting your own blend of coffee, we offer a number of services so please do get in touch, we’d love it a latte if we could discuss your requirements with you.

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