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She's Fabrewlous x2 Pack


A delicious twin pack of Brazilian coffee called 'She's Fa-brew-lous' because 'her' story is extra special. She has been grown as part of the Cafe Delas (a project created to empower women and enable them to access resources and knowledge as well as develop the voice they need to maximise their own operations). She's Fa-brew-lous' beans have been (bean) lovingly roasted by an all female roasting team in the UK and retailed by us here at Sistir. She's Fa-brew-lous is punchy and full bodied and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

She is available as an omni grind (meaning she is suitable for use in a cafetiere, V60 pour over, chemex, Aeropress or filter machine) or in whole bean format.

    Made from:

    The two bags of She's Fa-brew-lous each contain 170g* of coffee and are packaged in valve bags to ensure optimum quality and taste. She is sent in letterbox friendly packaging. For optimum results, consume within one month of purchase and store in a cool, dry place.

     *beans supplied at 160g each due to pack dimensions.

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