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Personalised 10th Anniversary Tea Gift In Tin


A tin 10th anniversary gift which can be personalised with your message and label colour. It is a gift that is bound to be received with a smile on a milestone 10th anniversary. The tin contains fifty Clipper Everyday tea bags. Clipper Everyday tea is a refreshingly brisk, full-flavoured blend with a coppery golden colour, sourced from the finest estates in East Africa, India and Sri Lanka.

You can have lots of fun crafting your message; you could choose something tea related such as 'You're Tea-rrific' or 'My Brewtiful Wife' or something Anniversary related such as 'Happy Tin Years' or 'Tin for Ten' or '10 Fabulous Years'.


The tin contains 50 Clipper Everyday teabags which are packaged in a foil bag to ensure maximum freshness.

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